24/7 telephonic support for the remote African context.

Professional advice, assistance, planning and payment.

We deal with all aspects of critical incidents, from planning and preparation beforehand, to immediate consultation and advice during an incident, and assistance activating on-the-ground help, including navigating payment and insurance. Our unique tools allow incident logging, categorisation and tracking for review and organisational learning.

Why Choose Blackplan?

How we do assistance differently

Continuous Communications

We keep you informed throughout – you know what we know, as we know it. We don’t make decisions without you and we don’t leave you out of the loop.

Incident Logging and Reporting

Track every incident, know about it as it happens and find the patterns in your data afterwards. Our incident logging tool, Redlist, is unique.

Knowledge of the Remote

We understand the specific challenges of the remote and rural context. We assist you based on your realities.

Logistics Support

We have comprehensive knowledge of African service providers and will get the best help for you. We are provider agnostic and don’t earn commission from your incident.

Our Process

How we handle Incident Management, Before, During and After.

Before Incident

Preparedness and Capacity Building

We help you develop an Emergency Response Plan and set up your Incident Command System. We find out who is near you who can help, and your preferences. We help you plan what to do in different scenarios.


You call us

Call Blackplan as soon as the incident occurs. A critical incident is one where the impact is potentially high, and the time to respond is low.


Incident Response Plan

Together with you, we develop a step-by-step plan for your incident so everyone knows what needs to be done, by when and by whom. This eliminates confusion and the potential for actions based in panic.


Logistics and Communications

We activate the help you require and help you navigate insurance and payment structures to minimise your exposure. We keep you in the loop throughout – you always know what’s going on and what part of the Incident Response Plan is being performed.



We can provide you with reports using our Redlist tool so you can see patterns in your events and put measures in place to reduce future losses.



What we can do for your organisation

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Training, planning, systems and capacity building.

Incident Logging and Reporting

Find out more about our Redlist app.

24/7 Professional Incident Management Assistance

Specialising in the remote African context.

Tools, Info and Links to help you with your incidents.

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We serve Tourism and Aviation operators and insurers throughout Africa.

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