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Our Unique Analysis

Our unique approach to incident data analysis is rooted in a deep understanding of a client’s context. We understand our clients’ businesses well enough to know what is relevant and what imposes meaningful risk.

We gather the right data and filter it appropriately and present information with effective visualization techniques in order to ensure that “intelligence” arises from “information.”  It’s about the right information viewed the right way, not more information.

This feedback can be a valuable learning tool for our clients, allowing them to gain insight, improve training and incident management capability for […] Read more

Our Unique Plans

The plan literally determines every action you take; it is arguably the most important part of any incident response. We find that people often respond haphazardly or too quickly, without thinking it through, or without planning and considering the impact of their actions on the situation. The other problem we see is people planning to do the right things and then letting chaos take over and watching the plan go “out the window”

We have a specific format to our incident plans, they; highlights who is going to be responsible for which tasks, timelines in which the tasks must be completed […] Read more

Our Unique Models

Modeling is gathering information from the parties affected by the incident and understanding what the problem is and what caused it.

Good modeling is important because it leads to a good action plan which is more likely to resolve the problem properly.

Finding out exactly what happened, where, when and how and what impact may result, by asking the right questions and speaking to the key people involved and knowing how they may be being influenced by the stresses and pressures of critical incidents is crucial to effective situation modeling.

Our staff spends a significant […] Read more

Our Unique Mix

BlackPlan is about managing incidents. What sets us apart from other companies is that we take a holistic approach to incident management. We guide our clients throughout the incident from start until the end. Because we take excellent professional skills and mix them with applied human factors knowledge and a deft collaborative culture, what results is a low error environment, superior insight and more relevant, more effective plans.

Specifically, we have within our team the following knowledge, experience and / or expertise:

Medical and Telemedical skills
Critical Incident Management technique
Trauma Counseling Skills
Crisis communications, Media and Reputation Management
Legal risk and complaint reduction skills
Cognitive Psychology […] Read more