Client Details

We currently provide white-labelled and direct services to the tourism and aviation industry throughout Africa. The 24/7 nature of our service, with specialist knowledge, together with communication and logistics tools, is well suited to a wider range of industries, particularly those in the non-urban context (such as mining and construction), although we also serve the urban environment.

SATIB24 Crisis Call

Blackplan provides the SATIB24 Crisis Call service. This is a pioneering 24/7 emergency call service provided to all SATIB insurance clients, allowing them to access advice, assistance and emergency logistical support in the even of a critical incident. Our doctor provides support to guests with medical conditions that could become critical in the remote context, where help is not easily accessed and can be days away.




Wilderness24 provides support to staff and guests of the Wilderness Collection, including Wilderness Safaris and Wilderness Air. 24/7 critical incident management is available for camps and operators throughout Africa. In addition, event such as the Tour de Wilderness are supported. Wilderness24 also provides an Incident Coordinator who builds and oversees an organisational incident management system including staff training.




The Tsogo Sun group of hotels operates throughout Africa. Blackplan provides the white labelled Tsogo24 service, which responds to guest incidents. In addition, Blackplan provides a mechanism for reporting and collecting incidents to ensure appropriate incident handling.

Blackplan also provides services to Denis Jankelows Aviation Insurance, Critical IMS and the Global Benefits Group.